Why India is most Popular Country for Handicrafts?

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                               India is known as the powerhouse of handicrafts. Throughout the world, India is also famous for its rich background and as far as the art and culture are concerned; India holds the top rank amongst the culturally rich countries across the world.

People in India are so very skilled that they make crafts out of paper, wood, clay, rocks, shell, metal, stone and the list is endless. Till date, many rural people earn their living from the creative pieces they manufacture.

History of Indian Crafts

                               The account of Indian handicrafts goes back to roughly 5000 years from now. The practice of crafts in India has grown in the order of sacred values, needs of the general people and also the needs of the ruling leaders.

                               There are several references in the Vedas of artisans involved in pottery making, weaving, wood craft etc. The Rig Veda consigns to a mixture of pottery made from terracotta, wood and metal. There is an allusion to weavers and weaving. In the Mauryan period there was huge growth in the field of carving. In this age, more than 84,000 stupas are said to be built in India, with the celebrated Sanchi Stupa, which has gorgeous stone carving and assistance work done on it.

                               The crafts of India are many and various, rich in religion as well as history. Indian crafts of each state reflect the impact of different empires. Throughout many decades, Indian crafts have been submerged as a tradition as well as culture within different rural communities.

Crafts play a significant role in the lives of Indian, regardless of rapid technological as well as social changes taken place. In Europe and America, special artists create different types of craft objects that are considered as luxury, but the picture is bit different in India, like other underdeveloped and developing countries, crafts are the main source of employment for a greater number of population, next to agriculture.






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